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Primary School (K-6) Tutoring Courses

Years 1-2

Our extension programs ensure that your child gets ready to tackle complex concepts early on.

The programs help prepare them for the National Testing examinations (ICAS, O.C., NAPLAN, Selective) at a later stage.

Years 3-4

Years 3 and 4 are critical for primary school students to prepare for the rest of the school years.

UHS Tutoring offers two streams of learning: Normal and Selective. Year 4 students must pass an entry test to join the selective stream.

O.C. Preparation

A program dedicated to Year 3/4 students preparing for the Opportunity Class test.

Our approach relies on teaching the concepts behind the various types of questions asked in the test. In order to gain the skills needed to pass.

Try this FREE Opportunity Class Short Practice Test.


I was looking for an excellent tuition center for a long time I tried many but was not happy . One day I just found this UHS tuition center on google , I was bit afraid to try it but when I went there , talked to teachers and saw the kids study atmosphere , their syllabus and their academic records and achievements I became very happy and satisfied that my child will study in a something very special Academic place , where my son will really gain and achieve excellent grades in studies. I got many academic distinction and scholarships during my education & studies and now I want my son to achieve excellent academic distinction and scholarships in his studies and I think and have faith that this UHS tuition center is the perfect place to achieve academic awards and achievements .

Naima Khurram

Year 5 - NAPLAN


Both of my boys in year 6 and 4 go to uhs telopea, within 2 terms the change was beyond my expectations , they moved from being average students achieving sound results to outstanding! I truly appreciate the teachers’ follow up, the atmosphere is educational , my elder son loves going there, Ms Virginia is amazing (he’s reading Shakespeare now). There are no stressful routines, no overloading with homework. Staff is friendly (everybody loves Kathryn) and caring I highly recommend and encourage you to enrol your kids Maysoon E.

Year 4 and Year 6 - Maths & English

Year 5

As Parents’ choice for Year 5 Students, our superior programs cater to the gifted and talented.

Parents choose our courses in Year 5 to improve results, prepare for Selective High School Tests and be ready for NAPLAN.

Selective Preparation

Prepare for the High School Selective School test with this superior program.

Our resources are crafted especially for gifted and talented students to tackle the content of the Selective School Entry Test.

Year 6

Be ready for High School (Selective) with comprehensive programs and small groups of 5 students only.

Our superior tutoring programs allow students to excel in Year 6 in preparation for Year 7 High School content.

High School (7-12) Tutoring Courses

Years 7-8

Starting high school can be a challenge for both students and parents alike.

Our team of qualified teachers adopt a unique collaborative approach to delivering Year 7 Maths and English NSW Syllabus outcomes in a fun environment.

Years 9-10

We help students and parents alike in choosing the right Maths or English course and developing effective learning strategies.

Our teachers (both in-class and online) ensure that your child is learning at all times and you are informed of their progress regularly.

Years 11-12

Our teachers, learning materials, booklets, practice papers, past school trials and online collaboration portal allow our HSC students to be connected with us throughout the week. You no longer need to wait to the following week to ask a question or have your essay looked at.

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Australia-wide Online Tutoring

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