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We are Parents’ Choice for tutoring OC & Selective Students. Learn how UHS Tutoring can help you and your child by joining our in-class or virtual tutoring.

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If you are here to get your child ready for National testing or have them prepared for Opportunity Class (OC Tutoring) or Selective School Tests (Selective Tutoring) in Carlingford or Telopea; you have come to the right place. Our experienced team will guide you and your child every step of the way. We offer virtual tutoring assistance to parents and students around Australia and in-class tutoring courses at our Telopea centre.

Our gifted students come to the Telopea Branch from various surrounding suburbs such as:

– Carlingford

– Epping

– Epping Heights

– Oatlands

– North Rocks & Northmead

– Eastwood

– Dundas Valley & Ermington

– West Ryde

This branch caters to many local schools including:

The King’s School

James Ruse Agricultural High School

Tara Anglican School

– Carlingford West Public School

– Carlingford High School

– Epping Heights Public School

– Dundas Public School

– And many more!

Proven Results – Angela’s Year 4 ICAS English

Program: ICAS English Year enrolled: Year 2 Angela started at UHS tutoring in Term 1 2016 when she was in Year 2.  She was very motivated to challenge herself with tutoring and soon started to thrive in our Gifted and Talented programs. After having completed her ...

Proven Results – Anh’s HSC Chemistry

Course: Year 12 (HSC) Chemistry Year enrolled: Year 11 2015 Anh started in Term 3 2015 with UHS Tutoring studying Chemistry. As one of the harder subjects of the HSC, Anh was keen to get a head start and improve his results fast! After following a strict stdy plan and...

Proven Results – Humayra’s Year 10 Mathematics

Course: Year 10 Mathematics (5.3) Year enrolled: Year 10 2018 Humayra has been with us since Term 1 2018, and is already seeing a huge improvement in her school reports! She came to us a capable student, who enjoyed Maths, but found the new Year 10 content confusing...

Proven Results – Moyo’s Selective School Entry

Program: Selective Preparation Year enrolled: Year 5 Selective School Offer: 2018 Moyo started at UHS Tutoring in early 2017 when she was in Year 5. She met the minimum requirements to successfully gain entry into our Selective Preparation Program and began her...

Proven Results – Sebastian’s Year 7 Maths Report

Year 7 Seb started his Year 7 English and Mathematics courses in Semester 1 2018. His previous report before joining UHS Tutoring reads: Over the course of one term at UHS Tutoring, Seb's school results improved. He got an excellent mark in Maths and his English...


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